Pen Drive Recovery

Are you unable to access your important files from the pen drive?

Have you lost your important data from pen drive?

Do you want to recover your lost data from pen drive?

Is there any pen drive data recovery software available?

Pen drive is a very popular device for secondary data storage. Most of us uses a pen drive for storing important data and carry this small portable device wherever we go. It can store huge amount of data and thus it is useful for business professionals as well as students. But many a times we face few errors while accessing these pen drives. We may lose important data while transferring files from pen drive to computer. We have no idea how to recover those files manually but fortunately there is some software available for pen drive data recovery.

The reasons behind the pen drive data loss are many like file mishandlings, file corruption, power shortage, file deletion etc. But if your important files have been lost through pen drive then pen drive data recovery software can easily recover your files. You simply have to install pen drive recovery software in your computer. These pen drive recovery software uses a very powerful technique for pen drive data recovery.


Once your data is lost from your pen drive, it is not that the data is no more in the pen drive. It is just that the operating system of your computer fails to find to exact location of those files. The pen drive data recovery software scans the whole memory of your pen drive through multiple scanning processes and locates the exact place where the data is hidden. The data recovery software can recover all the date which are deleted from the various reasons like software virus attacks, hardware malfunctioning, software corruption, human errors, power shortage shutdown and many more.

It is very easy to use the pen drives data recovery software. It is very simple and doesn't require any specialized skills. It has a very simple wizard process interface which can easily be completed by non technical person. Pen drive recovery software is the ultimate solution for retrieving all your lost data from your pen drive very safely with any data loss. It is very difficult to recover lost data from pen drive manually as it requires a good technical skill and there is always a chance of further data loss so it is always recommended to use pen drive data recovery software for recovering lost files from your pen drive.

Steps to use Pen Drive Data Recovery Software are as follows:

  1. Launch the application.
  2. To recover lost data from physical disk-
    • Double click on Physical Disk in the left pane.
    • After that you get a Select Appropriate Action window

  3. You get the three required action to select.

    • Select logical drive-
    • Raw data recovery-
    • Create image file-
  4. To recover data from the discovered logical drive

    • Double click on the Logical drive option displayed in the left pane of the interface.
    • You get a dialog box with some option. According to your need perform the task.
    • Similarly, lost files/folders from CD/DVD drive or other storage media can be scanned and recovered.

In this simple way you can recover your all the pen drive data.



This software application was very helpful for recovering the damaged files present in my pen drive. "Cora Lee Jackson"

Thanks for great software, it helped me a lot to restore the damaged photos. "Lily White"

System Requirements

» Pentium Class processor

» Windows Vista / XP / 2003 / 2000 / 9x

» 128 MB or more of RAM

» 35 MB of free space